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One way to find that career is a retraining course, which can help you develop new skills specific to certain jobs or careers. There are increasing opportunities to work, gain experience, or improve your skill set remotely. If you’re good with money then you might consider making it into a home-based career. Financial advisors guide clients as they choose products and services such as pensions, loans and insurance, and many work from a home office. Buying a franchise that you can run best courses from home offers a ready-made flexible business with a concept and brand that is tried and tested. Franchisees will usually buy a licence and then receive training from the owner, but some experience in areas such as accountancy, sales and marketing, and customer service would also be useful. You will need to know your destinations inside-out and be able to offer excellent customer service; a professional qualification in travel and tourism could help you to break into the industry.

As people become more and more aware of lifestyle diseases, the need to hit the gym has really grown. People are willing to invest in training regimens, workout videos, and the likes. As a fitness instructor, you can record videos of your training routines and sell them online. People are willing to pay for training regimens and routines if they’re convincing enough. Well, you have to look the part though; a gym instructor should have the perfect body to instill confidence in those looking up to you. Almost every major brand that you know has an online presence; their social media accounts are ever active.

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You give your lessons online, of course at a fee, in the form of recorded messages or video conferencing. Alternatively, you can make money writing and selling recipes to other cooks and chefs. You can list down all the ingredients for a given meal and then offer that for sale in a cooking group on social media. People pay a small amount, and you send the recipe as a Whatsapp video, URL link, eBook, and so on. Affiliate marketers make money by earning a commission each time they refer someone to a given product. Let’s say you have a site or YouTube channel and recommend a certain product. When the visitor clicks on the link you’ve shared and proceeds to make a purchase, the product manufacturer gives you a commission.

You gain more independence as a professional, make your own schedule and can live wherever you want. That said, not everyone can work from home successfully — at least right off the bat. These jobs require patience, dedication and a few special abilities, from organization to communication. Ask for feedback- internships, not matter how they’re completed, are learning curves so it’s important to ask your employer and colleagues for feedback on your performance. It’ll help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and improve where necessary. Completing experience remotely can make networking hard, so jump at the chance to speak to other people in the company. ‘You’ll get different perspectives and may discover a role that you never knew existed.

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Virtual volunteering allows you to contribute your spare time to a good cause, while building up experience and skills in a variety of areas from home. Finally, if there is a company you would love to work for, ask if you could work for them remotely. Event planners arrange and coordinate professional meetings and events. They may be responsible for selecting the location, booking transport and managing other elements such as entertainment and catering. Much of this can be done from home over the phone or online, but it is likely some travel will be needed too. It is also likely that clients will want to see evidence of an in-depth knowledge of the systems they use, so Microsoft certification or similar will give you an edge. Web developers need to master coding and programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, among other skills, but, once qualified, are likely to find themselves in demand.

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